More than money

Giving You the Tools to Get Ahead

Working with Advantage Business Capital gives you more than just financial breathing room. We help you focus on what you do best by supporting your company in key areas.

Cash Flow Management

We provide hands-on cash flow management services to help you manage and monitor your financial resources. We can guide you by carefully analyzing and estimating your cash flow to determine whether a shortage or a surplus may occur. By providing you with the security that cash flow is no longer a limitation, you are free to grow your sales and profits.

Customer Credit Reviews

Advantage Business Capital provides the information you need to focus your sales on credit-worthy companies.

Detailed Reporting

With our online reporting system, Advantage Business Capital provides detailed reports on all aspects of your business. With accurate, updated information at your fingertips you will always be ready to make your most informed and best decisions.

Back Office Support

Advantage Business Capital provides a full-service receivable management system, allowing you to minimize your staffing needs.

Decision-Makers at Your Fingertips

With over 100 years of combined experience on our Management Team, we are keenly aware of the needs of businesses in all stages of development. Our team is available every step of the way.

Bank Affiliation

Advantage Business Capital is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Central Bank. Being part of Central Bank gives you a broader range of financial resources to help you manage your business.

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